Engaging Customers and Creating a Brand Experience with Web Marketing

Autumn Consulting designs web sites to attract new prospects and engage customers. What’s the key to success? – a prospect-centric design.  The right design and content immediately shapes a prospect’s perception of your brand/company.  

At Autumn Consulting, we start every website creation, or re-design, with this thought in mind and commit to creating a new brand experience for qualified prospects and customers.

See the story of our collaboration with Cherry Creek Financial Services to successfully rebrand their website here.

Here are four ways your business can get the ball rolling on a new web design and brand experience:

1. Who’s Your Audience? – Invite your sales team to participate with Autumn Consulting during the audience review. Ask them what are the key criteria a prospect looks for when making a new purchase decision. Find out the talking points used by salesman to address prospect objections. Lastly, ask the sales team how they might “categorize” customers (Owners, buyers, purchasing agents).

2. What’s the Right Message? – By integrating sales and marketing team members together, Autumn Consulting can develop the “right” message by tailoring content that is consistently and effectively used by the sales team every day. In cases, where there is not a consistent sales message, look to Autumn to help facilitate and develop new prospect-centric content.

3. What’s the Sales Process? – Explore the typical “sales funnel” at your company. Explore ways that rich web site, prospect-centric content might help move prospects further through the sales funnel. For example, engaging social media marketing like Facebook or Twitter might have the greatest impact when “selling against objections” where prospects might be looking for honest, real time feedback.

4. What’s the Integration Plan? – Building or redesigning a web site is not the “end all”. Autumn Consulting integrates the right look and feel, marketing messages, social and search marketing strategies into the overall marketing plan. Whether the company is exploring a new market, geography, or product niche, Autumn Consulting seeks to partner with our clients to maximize the value of the “web experience” into the overall sales and marketing approach.

Ready to get started on your business’ re-branding, web design experience to attract more prospects? Contact us today to start engaging prospects and customers in a new way with your web marketing strategy.

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