Google Penguin 2.0 – How Google’s New Search Algorithm is Changing the Rules of SEO

Google’s recent algorithm update is now in effect and many are wondering if this will positively or negatively affect their SEO efforts. The Google Penguin 2.0 update is geared towards reducing spam and removing websites that use “black hat” SEO tactics on Google’s search results.

“Black hat” SEO tactics are ways some SEO professionals use to cheat search engines into indexing sites into higher rankings when they don’t deserve to. Examples of these tactics include use of fake links to show use of keywords and credibility. compares “black hat” SEO tactics to paying other people to like your Facebook page; it’s not necessarily wrong, but Google has the right to dictate the rules of the SEO for their search results and they are putting their foot down on questionable SEO tactics.

Simply having a website that’s honest, engaging, and speaks to your business’ services and values will see no problems with this new update. Questionable sites will be penalized and reputable sites, like Autumn’s client sites’, search marketing efforts will be strengthened.

Autumn Consulting uses a “White Hat” approach to SEO – we follow the rules of search engines, in the most effective way possible, to see our clients’ websites reach their search engine potential. Check out this example of one of our Milwaukee clients who now appears number one in Google’s search results for their strategic keywords. We boost our client websites’ search engine rankings by focusing on content and a three step process: planning, updating, and executing.

Interested in starting a search engine marketing campaign that guarantees reputable results? Contact us today to learn more about Autumn Consulting and Nathan Misirian.

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