Social Media Marketing with Google+, Part 3

 Google+ business accounts open up many new opportunities for companies in their social media marketing efforts. Some of the benefits include the ability to connect with previously unreachable prospects, analytical tools, and new ways to share content. While managing a social media page involves consistent responsibility, there are a couple final setup steps you can take to help your business’ Google+ page reach its full potential.

Join the Conversation. There are ways to participate as a business on Google+ by joining communities. Google+ communities are pages where people with similar interests or professions can engage in conversations and explore ideas and content. There are both public and private communities. Private communities, which could be used to share information or ideas with just people from your company or department, are not visible to the public. Whereas public pages are just that, public: anyone with a Google+ account can see the information you post. Public forums are great opportunities for your company to get more visibility and reach out to new prospects.

Verify Your Page. The verification of your page requires several things:

  • Have 1,000+ followers.
  • Ensure your Google+ page links to your website and vice versa.
  • Have a verified email account.

Verification is not something that is likely to happen immediately after opening a Google+ account. It takes time and effort, but once you earn verification, your company becomes significantly more credible to people who haven’t heard of your business yet.

If your company is looking to expand its social media marketing, Google+ should be considered. The benefits that accompany a social media tool that is connected to the most popular search engine, Google, are immense. From Google analytics tools to getting involved in conversations in various communities, reaching qualified prospects has never been more engaging. If you are interested in kick-starting your social media marketing with a Google+ account for you business, Contact us today to learn more about Autumn Consulting and Nathan Misirian.

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