Google Search Engine Marketing Firm Leads Business to Business Communications in Transformation


Autumn Consulting, a Google search marketing firm, helps businesses in Naples, Chicago, North Carolina, and beyond to further support their brand strategy and create WOW moments. In order to do so, we prioritize our client relationships above all. We believe that our core value of going the extra mile for our clients is what makes Autumn Consulting an asset to a wide array of businesses, from executive recruiting to local coffee roasters.

Among this wide array of clients are Business to Business Communications and the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA). Beyond working with Autumn Consulting, these two businesses share a core link: Denny Grim. Denny is the Owner and Executive Producer of Business to Business Communications, a purpose-driven marketing, development, and connections consultancy. Their focus is to help their clients get, keep, and grow their people and their customers through transformational leadership. With that, Denny is also the Education Chairman for the TMSA, aiding in their business development. Denny joined TMSA in 1974 and is one of only two individuals to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the association during its 100-year history.

Denny was brought to Autumn Consulting by a colleague’s recommendation of Nathan Misirian, President and Founder of Autumn Consulting. A consultation was scheduled and Denny and Nathan immediately hit it off.

Nathan has studied Google and its algorithms for over 20 years. “The consequence to that is, he’s ahead of everybody else,” Denny stated. “He literally knows what their next steps are.”

Nathan’s been able to develop countless SEO strategies for executives to advance their businesses and help improve their search engine rankings. Search engine marketing is an essential component of any modern business’ digital marketing plan. Autumn Consulting has been able to see great success within the transportation and logistics fields. When leaders in this field like Denny are seeking innovative, measurable, and quick-to-implement solutions, Autumn uses proven and personalized strategies to help our clients stand out during a Google search, whether it’s organic or paid search.


“Nathan takes your company above the fold.”TMSA-denny-grimm-best-rated-search-marketing-organic-seo

“Marketers know and quickly understand the value that he brings because he’s been able to show and move professional marketers who have been doing this throughout their career above the fold, where they couldn’t do it themselves. Nathan and his team are raising the tide so that all boats go up,” said Denny.

Autumn Consulting worked closely with Business to Business Communications to rebrand their website, rebuilding it from scratch in order to set up a strong infrastructure moving forward. The new website is a vibrant, customer-centric site that is also improving its SEO rankings over time. After seeing great success with Autumn Consulting’s strategic search engine marketing with Business to Business Communications, Denny introduced Nathan to the TMSA.

“Nathan has been taken on with on the inside of this association with flying colors,” Denny shared in a recent interview. “He has become the expert in SEO and Autumn Consulting the premier of what search engine marketing is delivering inside of the supply chain. The opportunity for us to work with brilliance and a significant leader in any given space is not something that most of us get to work with every day. And yet, we do with Nathan and Autumn.”


Each of our clients brings their industry-specific knowledge to the table and we bring our knowledge of strategic web marketing to help them grow and achieve their objectives. We are grateful to have not just business relationships, but true partnerships with business owners like Denny. These relationships are nurtured by our approach: personal, customized service based on clients’ unique business goals, open communication with continuous learning, and one-on-one access to expertise whenever clients need it.

Are you ready to further grow your business’ reach through search engine marketing? Reach out to Autumn Consulting today for a consultation on how your business can harness the power of Google to your advantage.

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