Why Business Owners Should Care About Google Organic Marketing

Marketing your website on Google has become essential in marketing.

81% of B2B decision-makers conduct Google searches before they even make an inquiry. Today, it is standard practice to conduct online research before making a purchase. And this applies to B2B purchases as well.

Search engine users trust organic SEO: 51% of search engine users are only focusing on organic results. Additionally, according to Google, B2B researchers do an average of 12 searches prior to engaging on a specific brand’s site. These are just some of the reasons business owners should invest in Google organic marketing.

In the digital world, your prospects have access to your brand at any moment in time. It’s for this reason that Autumn Consulting works with business owners in non-profit, transportation & logistics, and beyond to create holistic digital marketing strategies. A thorough marketing strategy covers a plethora of items, such as brand strategy, search engine marketing, and even PPC ads in order to get your brand in front of qualified prospective buyers.

71% of B2B users start with generic, multi-word phrases, not brand names. Your prospects are searching for you, even if not searching exactly for your business. Google search marketing techniques can help your website climb the ranks of organic SEO to be on page one of organic results, and truly influence buying decisions as you lead them down the sales funnel.

Ready to leverage Google search marketing to increase your business’ reach? Contact us today.

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