Harness the Power of Brand Strategy in Your Digital Marketing


Brand strategy is an essential part of any larger marketing plan. It is key to increasing market visibility and brand awareness. Autumn Consulting, a Google search marketing firm, helps businesses in Naples, Chicago, North Carolina, and beyond to further support their brand strategy and create WOW moments.

What is brand strategy?

A brand and a brand strategy are not the same. A brand is your logo, tagline, fonts, or even color scheme. A brand strategy is a long-term plan on how a brand will present itself to increase customer traction and loyalty. It is the foundation of a strong brand identity. Brand strategy should be built around the company’s mission and values. In placing these at the forefront of your marketing plans, your company will attract clients whose standards align and will thus be more likely to be loyal customers in the long run.

“Simon Sinek says ‘People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.’ Our process at Autumn is to help uncover our client’s “why” and then design the visuals, messaging, and long-term strategy to deliver on their promise to their customers and prospects,” shares Nathan Misirian, President and Founder of Autumn Consulting.

Brand strategy fundamentals

The main objective of brand strategy is to increase brand awareness, which in time will lead to an increased customer base, and — with a strong brand strategy — increased customer loyalty.

Hubspot proposes the following seven essentials as part of Brand Strategy 101:


The key to a successful brand strategy lies in knowing and continuously looking to improve your brand. At Autumn Consulting, we partner closely with each and every one of our clients to further activate their brand strategies for maximum impact. A great example is a recent client of ours, Paradeco Coffee Roasters. Paradeco has an incredibly strong brand, from their art deco aesthetic to the strong values the founders built their dream business on. Combining this with leveraging organic search marketing, Autumn Consulting was able to harness the power of branding through digital marketing, guiding them to rank number one organically on Google.

The importance of brand strategy in a digital world

Today, with marketing being predominantly digital, brand strategy matters more than ever.

“Inevitably what will happen is that digital growth will continue, and that will mean that for many, many brands, digital is the first channel they plan into rather than the last,” shares Andrew Shebbeare, Co-Founder & Chairman of Essence in an interview with Think With Google. “That means that digital creative assets become the cornerstone for more brands. […] We are already seeing a generation of brands for whom digital is their anchor channel.”

With consumers being able to access the brand at all times, through Google Ads, search marketing, social media and so much more, brand strategy is no longer something any modern company can afford to move forward without. It’s no longer as simple as having a great product or service because today’s shopper doesn’t want to simply be sold to. They want to feel seen by and to feel strongly about the brands they choose to interact with. Implement a brand strategy based on your core values and mission that highlights your brand’s personality to build the human side of your business and develop long-lasting customer relationships.

Finally, note that brand strategy is a living component of your business. It will influence your overall marketing strategy down through SEO and social media strategies. While it is essential for any modern company, it’s also important to maintain flexibility in your strategic plans, to allow for your company’s continued growth and innovation. At Autumn Consulting, we ensure that our clients’ core values and mission stand at the center of the strategies we develop and execute for them, to propel their businesses forward while maintaining an authenticity that can resonate with customers.

Are you ready to harness the power of branding through digital marketing? Reach out to Autumn Consulting today.

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