Measuring Web Marketing Results

Especially in business to business (B2B) marketing, Autumn Consulting is often asked, “how do you measure results?” Here are some effective ways to measure results:

Web marketing results:
– increasing minutes on the web site
– prospects or customers visiting “the right” sequence of web pages
– regular addition of new visitors to the web site
– number of visitors viewing case study or online promotion
– number of unique visitors, not page views

Social media marketing results:
– increasing number of posts and followers on Twitter
– quality and consistency of published content to the unique value proposition
– increasing number of visitors to your web site from Facebook, Twitter or Linked In

Email Marketing results:
– increasing percentage of readers
– uniquely tracking individual readers to specific content links
– number of qualifying prospects and engaging customers
– increasing number of leads to fill the “sales pipeline”

Search Engine Marketing results:
– increasing web site organic search result ranking
– quality and consistency of content writing
– properly formatting and programming web site
– effective and proper repetitive use of keywords in programming and web site content
– active monthly marketing of the web site with Google and Yahoo

Businesses who want to maximize their sales and marketing efforts would combine these marketing results for an integrated, marketing plan.  For example, Kirsten Watson, director of corporate marketing at supply chain software company Kinaxis, detailed how her company has leveraged its customer community, not only for customer support and service but also for search engine optimization benefits.

I agree with Kirsten when she says, “I can’t stress enough the importance of search engine optimization, integrated with social media marketing.”

Autumn Consulting is a Milwaukee web marketing agency that works with businesses to create a seamless integration between search engine optimization, social media marketing and various other web marketing services. If your Milwaukee area business or organization wants to revamp anything from email marketing to search engine marketing, give us a call.

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