Organizing Your Social Media Marketing Chaos

Marketers, whether in manufacturing, B2B marketing, or consumer marketing, spend countless hours sorting and managing their digital marketing assets. Social media marketers keep separate folders for their Pinterest of Facebook pictures, notes or sticky notes of post ideas, and track their progress using a calendar. At times, it may feel like chaos.

Autumn Consulting introduces “Moxtra,”a new organizational tool that went live on January 29, 2013. The layout of Moxtra combines elements of Pinterest, Evernote, and even Facebook. Ultimately, it is a new way to store and share digital content with an individual or a team. Moxtra is currently a startup company made up mostly of engineers and people with previous work experience at WebEx.

Just like any other new web-based tool, it takes some time looking around before a user is comfortable with the layout. But once familiar with everything, it’s very easy to use. It is uniquely different from tools such as Evernote, because a user can upload and rearrange files, share folders, view changes to documents, and add images or video easily. Specifically for social media marketing, projects containing powerful visuals are important. And Moxtra makes working with visuals easy. Projects can be organized into binders, which can then be shared. Presentations at meetings are easily shared using a URL; so participants don’t necessarily need a Moxtra account to be engaged. There’s even a tool within Moxtra called “Moxtra Meet” which allows for immediate setup of web conferences.

Currently, Moxtra is free, but the company is considering installing premium plans later in order to generate revenue. These premium plans may include features such as unlimited binder space and analytics to see who’s viewed which files.

“Moxtra is a revolutionary application that helps people manage the chaos of active lifestyles and eases frustrations of fragmented communications…Moxtra is for anyone with a project or collection of things on which they want to collaborate with others, in a more productive way,” said Jan Sysmans, Vice President of Marketing for Moxtra.

Autumn Consulting encourages marketers to try the new tool in order to simplify their social media marketing life as well as the overall organization of their company. Let us know what you like and don’t like about the tool as Autumn is always seeking ways to help our clients efficiently!

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