Effective Marketing Strategy for Google AdWords

Autumn Consulting uses Google AdWords to drive more qualified prospects and engage customers with our client’s web site. Autumn promotes our clients through AdWords, ranking them in the #1 and #2 spot in their desired geography and keyword category Autumn Consulting is constantly examining and reevaluating the campaigns we manage in order to help them take advantage of the newest and most effective AdWords strategies.

Recently, Google made an announcement of updates to their AdWords program called “enhanced campaigns.” Google’s enhanced campaigns help businesses reach and engage customers with the right ads, based on their location, time of day, across all devices, and without needing to set up and manage several different ad campaigns.

Here are 3 key features of Google’s enhanced campaigns:

  1. New capabilities for bid adjustments across devices, locations, and times.
  2. Ads are optimized for display across different devices, locations, and times.
  3. New reporting opportunities that can track calls and downloads made from your Ads.

Autumn Consulting will leverage these new enhancements to offer increased flexibility in bidding and placement for our clients who seek to increase the visibility of their web sites through a pay-per-click campaign. So, whether you live in Chicago, Milwaukee, Appleton, or even Naples, Fl., we can create a customized AdWords enhanced campaign that will meet your needs and be successful in your area.

Ready to engage customers with new emarketing opportunities and see the results of a Google AdWords campaign? Our team of emarketing and Google AdWords specialists will help you get started and maintain a successful campaign. Contact us today to get started!

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