SMART eMarkeing in 5 Steps

Strong marketing content that makes an impact and sticks with customers rarely occurs by accident.  It’s a planned process with thought-through steps that are SMART.

Create your own SMART web marketing content with these easy to remember tips from Autumn Consulting:

1. Short & Simple

When you have a product or service that’s effective, customers should be able to tell right from the start. With that said, there’s no need to add flowery language or dense blocks or text just for show. Keep engaging customers through emarketing content messages that are short, helpful and to the point.

2. Manageable

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, creating a monthly newsletter or adding fresh monthly content to your website, first make sure that you have a person or team to ensure this actually happens. Content requires more than just ideas. Writing, editing, programming, linking, keyword-equipping and scheduling are all steps for marketing success. Our team of web pros offers clients help with each of these steps plus we provide prospect data reports with our email marketing.

3. Audience-Driven

Seek to write clarifying content that’s written with the end-user in mind. How will this product/service benefit me? Why should I spend my time or money on this product/service? These are questions that prospects ask when first sizing up your business, so make sure your first impression isn’t a self-seeking one.

4. Reliable

Marketing content that sparkles isn’t always noticed. On the other hand, marketing content that has grammatical, spelling and fact errors is easy to spot and hard to forget. The point is that if a prospect or customers can trust that your writing is reliable, they’re more likely to trust that your business is also.

5. Thinking Ahead

Begin with the end in mind. Thinking of ways to grow your content stream ahead of time doesn’t have to be exhaustive. Spend 30 minute each day reading industry news to help spark your content ideas and take notes. Then write about them when you feel fresh. Planning out your content in advance helps you qualify prospects by communicating ideas more clearly and effectively.

Looking for tailored content that sings? Autumn Consulting is a Milwaukee web marketing agency serving fresh insights on how to boost your web marketing strategy. Our team of marketers, professional writers, journalists, designers and technology specialists offering help and consulting for your web marketing content, email marketing campaigns and web branding strategy.

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