Snapchat: A New Form of Social Media Marketing?

Could Snapchat be the next big thing in social media marketing? The mobile app allows user to send and receive pictures and short videos to friends. Those images or videos, lasting for a maximum of 10 seconds, will disappear forever once the user has opened them. To effectively utilize a tool such as Snapchat, companies will need a strong creative vision and marketing plan. It’s not the tool for everyone, but it has the potetial to be a great tool for some companies. So, how would you use it?

HubSpot, in a recent article, shared how 16 Handles, a self-serve frozen yogurt business discovered a way to use Snapchat for their business:

…they asked fans to snap a photo of themselves tasting yogurt at one of their stores to the official 16 Handles Snapchat account. Then, the official 16 Handles account would send a Snapchat back at some point in the future with a custom coupon to the store.

But here was the creative part: Since snaps only last as long as 10 seconds once they’re opened, users had to wait in anticipation until they were getting their next froyo at 16 Handles to unveil how much their coupon was worth. All coupons ranged from 10% to 100% — so customers knew they were getting some kind of a deal, but had to wait to open up the Snapchat to find out how much they’d be getting off their purchase.

16 Handles saw a way to appeal to their audience and get more people into their store through Snapchat. They were creative and came up with an idea no other business had used before. 

What are some ways YOU could use Snapchat?

  • Hold a promotional contest, similar to 16 Handles
  • Send out insider sneak peaks of new products
  • Send videos of your team “behind the scenes”

Snapchat offers a unique way to engage your customers in an interesting, personal way. Like any social media marketing method, it’s not going to be applicable for every business. But with a creative vision, your company may have something to gain by testing it out. If you’re interested in discovering new ways to reach out to your customers and grow your business, contact Autumn Consulting today!

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