Uncovering the B2B Marketing Value

One of the most valuable steps for developing an effective b2b digital marketing strategy is interviewing and listening to our client’s sales staff.

Effective sales team members typically know the issues, misconceptions and challenges facing their prospects during the buying process.

So, why not leverage our firm’s web marketing strategy to support and reinforce your staff’s message with specific marketing content?

Not sure which questions you should pose to your sales team? Try out these Autumn favorites:

– For a brand new prospect: What are the common misunderstandings about what we sell/make?

– For current customers: What are our client’s needs (the problem they’re trying to solve)? Are there categories of client needs? How do we uniquely and effectively help to meet those needs?

– What’s been the biggest challenge in promoting our product or service?

– What are the key criteria our customers use in buying our product/service? List the top three.

Through Autumn Consulting’s collaborative style, we help our B2B clients increase their qualified prospects by zeroing in on the “right” marketing messages.  These marketing messages directly support the sales staff and increases their effectiveness.  Let’s get started on a conversation for your business.  Call Nathan Misirian at (262) 323-1776 or email him directly at nathan@autumnconsult.com.

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