Web Marketing: Spruce it up with the right social media moves

Even if you’re not a social media master, using tools like Twitter, Facebook and Linked In can have a powerful impact on your business. Here’s your Autumn Consulting cheat-sheet for navigating the social networking landscape.

Social media marketing perks include:

• Connecting you with the right people.
• Helping you observe important conversations about industry news/trends.
• Getting you in a prime spot to listen and learn from your audience.

Ways to get noticed on Twitter:

• Reach out, search for and follow your audience!
• Retweet notable thoughts/ideas by others.
• Send direct messages thoughtfully.
• Engage with people who have shared interests with you/your brand.
• Make your profile worth searching through with engaging descriptions about interests/services/specialties.
• Solicit ideas and opinions from your followers/prospects.
• Share company news.

Best marketing messages are:

• Informative.
• Responsive.
• Helpful.
• Personal.
• Open.
• Prospect-focused.
• Need-based.

Worst web marketing approaches are:

• Boring.
• Self-serving.
• Offensive.
• Too broad.
• Too specific.
• Company-focused.

In the end, web marketing and social media marketing go hand-in-hand. And if executed effectively, can mean more bang for your social networking buck.

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