Web Marketing Tips and eMarketing Strategies

Driving traffic to your site is easier today than ever before. Popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In help businesses thrive every day through their easy-to-use infrastructures, SEO-friendly (search engine optimization) features and ecommerce leverage.

A recent Wall Street Journal article demonstrates that availability to meeting customer needs is key to getting Followed, Friended and Connected. Here’s how:

1 Click-to-call features. What most business websites lack is a human contact element. Providing a click-to-call feature that lets customers input their phone numbers to receive a live call-back helps people feel that there is a human face and voice behind your business.

2 Chat with customers online. Providing customers with an online chat/instant message feature that helps answer questions, creates a one-to-one interaction relationship with them.

3 Try before you buy. This method gives your customers a chance to try your product on a limited trial basis to judge its performance. The cost can be nominal or nonexistent, with the benefit of eliminating buyer’s regret for your customers.

Click on for more tips on growing your business’ website through engaging customers and qualifying prospects.

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