Infographic Analytics Reporting for Web Marketing Success in Milwaukee

Infographics are often seen as a fun, engaging way to showcase the steps in a process, or to break down a difficult concept. However, did you know that infographics can also be used to showcase your website’s Google Analytics data, making it easier to see your web marketing results?

Google Analytics manages a lot of different pieces of data from your website and it can be hard sometimes to understand what data is most important and how to interpret that data in a way that makes sense. A new tool has come out that integrates Google Analytics data into an easy to read, and understand, infographic. This tool is a part of, a website focused on the creation of data infographics. The Google Analytics Report function is a new way that is showcasing infographics as practical, web marketing analytics tools.

Here’s an example of an infographic that would be generated, based on a website’s Google Analytics data:

    • The infographic displays information regarding the website’s pageviews, visitors, engagement, and social media. 


    • This tool collects and shows data on a weekly basis, offering side-by-side data comparisons, as well as a brief summary at the end stating the overall success of the website this week. 


    • You can choose to have these results generated and emailed to you on a weekly basis, allowing you to spend less time going through pages, upon pages, of Google Analytics data and more time building your business.

Interested in getting started with a new tool to showcase your website’s Google Analytics results in a fun, visually appealing way? Whether you live in Chicago, Milwaukee, or Appleton, Autumn Consulting’s team of web marketing experts will help your business succeed on the web in new and engaging ways. Contact Autumn Consulting today – learn more about Autumn ConsultingNathan Misirian, and get started today!


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