Social Media Marketing with Google+, Part 2

Google+ is the latest way to promote your business to qualified prospects and to engage your customers through social media marketing. The most effective web marketing strategy is to post rich content on a regular basis.

Share Rich Content. Engaging content will not only satisfy your clients, but may help to attract new followers. Photos, inspiring videos, and infographics are great ways to capture your audience’s attention and make them want to learn more about your business. Keep it fresh by posting often, which will also help boost your visibility on google searches.

Google+ allows you to share content in a couple ways:

  1. Posting content. This is the most common way to share information. Post original content, share posts you found helpful or enjoyed, or link to your company’s blog. 
  2. Google Hangouts. Depending on your business, a Google Hangout may be an effective way to share information with your audience. Plan to host a Q&A session or a tutorial.

Have a Schedule. Do something on a specific day every week. Choose something that is applicable for your business, whether that is hosting a weekly Google+ hangout or posting an article. Adding new content to your account regularly will hold your social media audience’s attention.

Analyze the Benefits. Monitor your web marketing analytics to see how Google+ helps expand your maketing reach. With the implementation of a great web marketing strategy, you can attract potential new clients with tools unique to Google+. Statistics show that using Google+ can help boost the click thru rate (CTR) for traffic back to your website if you use google ad words. You can track your companies progess through Google Analytics, which is another great tool designed by Google.

Overall, every aspect of your company receives more exposure through the use of Google+. From creating your business’s account to ensuring the best content is posted, Autumn can help you through every step. Contact Autumn Consulting today, learn more about Autumn Consulting and Nathan Misirian to get started!

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