Google Search Marketing Firm Presents Leadership Insights from the Marine Corps


Autumn Consulting, a Google search marketing firm in Charlotte, Chicago, and Naples, strives to provide WOW moments for its clients every day. We continue to find ways to inspire and engage our clients with fresh and timely content and practical tools and strategies that can help their businesses grow. At Autumn, we have done this through different mediums, including providing virtual events where clients and other business professionals are invited to attend.

In our latest virtual power briefing event, we presented a unique guest speaker, Misty Cook, a retired Marine Officer with the United States Marine Corps and a Business Strategist.

Autumn Presents Misty Cook

During this 20-minute Power Briefing event, Misty shared practical tools to help enhance productivity and improve time management within teams, along with sharing some lessons learned to help them operate with more clarity and efficiency.

For our clients who come to us looking to develop a digital strategy that includes growing their Organic SEO and implementing Google Ads for B2B in Chicago, Charlotte, Naples, and beyond, we want to help empower you to be an even more effective leader yourself as well as better serve leaders that you support.

There are many strategies and tools that are utilized in the Marine Corps that are interchangeable and invaluable to any leadership organization. In the traditional business world, the teams we work for are fluid in nature and at times can be temporary with employees moving jobs as needed when needed. This was seen at a bigger scale with the Great Resignation in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic. It is critical that you look for ways to grow and sharpen your team so that your organization is running efficiently and effectively in all facets.


1. Commander’s Intent: Make it Clear

Misty first speaks of “Commander’s Intent”, which is their purpose, mission, and end-state. Your guidance must have a very clear purpose, mission, and end state. It should be concise and easily understood. To increase buy-in, provide your team with the “why” — the purpose of the task — not only the “what”. Everyone in your organization should know your “Why”, even the newest member of your team so that all members will be aligned on the next steps. The mission is “How” you do it. As a leader, you provide your team with guidance and a goal and they should be able to return a plan for how you are going to accomplish a task. Lastly, the most important thing you can do for your team is the end-state which is “What does success look like?” Having your team know this upfront gives them the ability to adjust the plan as they go — but still accomplish the overall goal.


2. 5 Ws for the Client and Staff

“I have never met a General Officer that likes surprises.” CEOs are the exact same way. When meeting with a client, your team is going to need as much information in advance to ensure they are fully prepared to deliver a WOW moment. Being prepared is critical. Misty shared two templates that she has used for every key-leader engagement, and they were provided to the Commander 24-72 hours before an event: SELC Conference Read Ahead and 123 Ops Executive Strategy Read Ahead. She also uses these templates with her clients. They can be applied universally, no matter the organization, to prepare for any meeting or client engagement. It covers the 5Ws — Who, What, When, Where, and Why — to ensure you and your team are prepared and that your clients are getting the value they deserve for their time.

This process can be used externally with clients and also internally with your team to be more efficient. When holding meetings, if you don’t have an agenda or format these can become a dreaded event for the staff. They waste time and do not keep your organization efficient and many times nothing is accomplished. Use this time to ensure your team is on track and ensure they don’t need anything from you. You may not have time to meet with everyone, but you can solve anything that could be halting progress. Create a project tracker that shows milestones and the final product with proposed dates for each phase.


3. WOW Moments: Social Media is Currency

We are all in a people business. Finding ways to create your own WOW moments for your clients and your team is extremely important. Learning important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and big events within a company or knowing likes and dislikes can help you to grow your connections within your internal team as well as with external clients.

“People want to feel seen, valued and there is nothing more special than perhaps a small flag on the desk of all the veterans on veterans day or a card for someone’s birthday.”

Social media is such a high-value currency today. We should all be using it to lift each other up and help each other’s companies. Shouting out a connection’s company or fellow industry member can go a long way. When readers see your name or company name tagged in a LinkedIn post by one of their contacts, they’re more likely to stop and read about you and your business. It brings credibility to your business, as these contacts are vouching for what you and your team are doing. Internally, this can also be a way to give a shout-out to your own company, boss, or co-workers. Externally, celebrate with your fellow business owners and clients. Respond and engage when they make a new hire or share if they are looking for someone. We all know it’s a very competitive market. It’s more crucial than ever to nurture our relationships, and social media is an invaluable way to do that.


If you would like to hear more from Misty Cook at Concierge On Call (COC) Consulting, about her leadership strategies and the work she is doing to support retired military leaders, contact her today!

Ready to leverage Google search marketing to increase your business’ reach? Contact Autumn, for the best-rated search marketing in Chicago, Naples, and Charlotte.

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