3 Blogging Tips for Improved Organic Search Marketing

A content marketing strategy is leveraging digital content to attract and retain customers. At Autumn Consulting, a Google search marketing firm in Chicago, Naples, and Charlotte, we believe that content marketing is an integral part of your brand strategy, but it requires diligence and focus.

A key part of content marketing is writing unique and fresh content and publishing it on your website. One effective way to do this is through a blog. According to HubSpot, B2B Marketers who use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that do not. Blogs can help your brand develop an online presence, showcase industry expertise, and attract more qualified leads to your website. Your site is crawled by Google spiders in search of Google’s seven key elements every two weeks. Nathan Misirian, President of Autumn Consulting, recommends. “To start, aim to publish new content once a month, and once you’ve established your strategy, ramp up to publishing twice a month.”

Blogging Tips for Organic SEO

  1. Regularly update your homepage: This does not mean redesigning the entire page or changing your company’s positioning. However, regularly updating your homepage will tell Google that your site is current and actively contributing new content to its index.
  2. Write blog posts tailored for SEO: Keep copywriting clear and concise. Understand your keywords’ impact on your organic search marketing, using them to help guide your reader to other helpful resources. The goal is to remain original in your work so that it’s seen as valuable by both prospects and Google. There are several Google algorithms to tailor your content towards when seeking to grow your website with Organic SEO.
  3. Disseminate new content and articles: To truly capitalize on content marketing, ensure that you’re not only focusing on content creation, but also distribution. Showcase new content and articles on your website’s homepage, but also on the appropriate social media channels, a company newsletter, and other owned channels.

At Autumn Consulting, a best-rated Google search marketing firm, our team guides and coaches clients through establishing a content strategy, as well as provide copywriting services to help ensure your website is publishing strong content regularly.

Ready to leverage content marketing to help improve your organic SEO rankings? Contact Autumn Consulting today, for the best-rated search marketing in Chicago, Naples, and Charlotte.

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