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Autumn is a B2B full service marketing firm that delivers affordable, customized web marketing projects for clients in the Milwaukee area and beyond. That includes web design services of any size or scope. 

This week, we are featuring one project for a Milwaukee client in need of a simple, 4-page website. Lake Edge Logistics is a budding business that was in need of a simple website with a bold look-and-feel. Our team quickly defined the scope of the website, helped to craft a simple-yet-personalized message, then incorporated their brand design into  stunning 4-page website

Stunning Design Elements

The photography, text font and size, color scheme – these all play a role in making sure our client websites clearly demonstrate the company’s style, value, and services. For Lake Edge, we knew the marketing message was simple, so we maximized the powerful imagery of their equipment to supplement it. This – combined with the simple, bold typeface – delivered a crisp, clean and professional look.

Value Added Web Marketing Content

At Autumn, we take special care to understand what our Milwaukee clients want out of their business and how those goals translate into value added web marketing. We often encourage our clients to do the same because good marketing for any business begins with knowing what your audience is looking for and how to deliver it in the best way.

Lake Edge Logistics expressed their own desire to send a genuine message to their customers. So, our creative team formed the tag line: Inspired to serve. Guided by a promise. Motivated to deliver. For our clients in the Milwaukee area, this is part of what makes web marketing an art: delivering a powerful message requires Autumn to work closely with the client to define what to say, how to say it, and where to place it so that the reader will take it in.

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