Milwaukee Web Marketing Analytics, Part 2

Last week, we revisited a classic web marketing tool for our clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas. It’s often hard to understand the value of the tool like that, since the value is dependent upon how you use it. Just like any set of data, it’s only as valuable as you much as you use it to inform your own behavior.

This week, we thought we’d share some examples of how analytics might inform some other marketing activities you might have going on:

1. Social Media Marketing Campaign

If your most popularly visited page is the new product line landing page, why not drum up some more excitement about it? Use your social media presence to host a question-and-answer discussion on LinkedIn or post a couple YouTube videos with demos or tutorials on the new product. Then, repost your YouTube videos on the website.

 Later, our clients in the Milwaukee area use analytics to track the success of the social media marketing campaign by watching traffic back to your YouTube videos. Your followers on LinkedIn might make for great sales leads; have your sales team follow up with those that participated in discussion to entice them toward a purchase.

 2. Industry Referrals and Advertisements

Are you considering joining a Chamber of Commerce? Or, are you paying to be featured on a distributor’s website? Track the value of that additional exposure in trending analytics reports. You may decide you’d like to enhance your subscription if people are visiting your website via the referrals of another.

 Our web marketing clients in Milwaukee and Chicago use referrals tracking to monitor referrals from many sources, including social media platforms, Google Adwords, or any other website where you may feature a link.

 3. Track Trends in Your Marketing Message

Are more and more of your visitors exiting the website on a particularly un-engaging page? Trends in exiting pages often suggest your content isn’t making an impact on your reader. This may help your marketing team decide to either freshen up the content or remove it all together. 

Similarly, if your visitors are spending too much time reading through the F.A.Q.s page, maybe your customers are looking for information they can’t find. That might be a cue to work with your sales team to find out what your customers are looking for.

 Autumn Consulting performs services of a B2B full-service marketing firm, which includes offering assistance with messaging and messaging strategies. Let us know how we can help.

 4. Know Your Audience

Knowing the demographics of your visitors can help inform unlimited parts of your marketing and business goals. If visitors are trending from a new market or demographic, you might be inspired to investigate expansion into that arena. Without the proper analytics, that decision may never present itself. 

These are some of the most popular statistics for our web marketing clients in Milwaukee and Chicago, but there are many more data sets that Autumn Consulting can help your team learn to follow. When is a better time to start a new practice than the beginning of the year? Let us know how we can help give your business a reason to grow.

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