Autumn Reveals: How to Fix a Broken Marketing Program

Breaking a leg is never any fun. Yet people can make the best of it by having a positive attitude, colorful castings and notes of best wishes.

When I was in college, I broke my leg playing intramural soccer. I performed a slide tackle from the side, which you weren’t supposed to do and snapped my leg, severing my ankle from my leg.  Ouch!

As you would expect, I saw a doctor who preformed surgery, repairing my broken leg by inserting three permanent pins, securing my leg in a full cast and requiring 8 weeks of recovery.  It was a costly mistake and required a substantial repair and recovery.

Causes for a Broken Marketing Program:

As a preferred marketing agency for the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, the Autumn Consulting team is frequently asked to diagnose broken marketing programs.  Some of the frequent causes of broken programs are:

  • setting unrealistic marketing goals
  • choosing a shortcut (e.g. paying for the cheapest or inexperienced vendor)
  • forgetting about an on-going growth plan

Fixing a Broken Marketing Program:

The best way to fix a marketing program is to avoid the behaviors that lead to breaks.  Companies that partner with Autumn up front may be looking for help with search engine optimization, website design, social media marketing, brand consulting, or marketing lead research. No matter the subject matter, our clients receive:

  • the best advice and guidance when setting goals
  • practical steps to build out a marketing program
  • an on-going marketing growth plan

We’ve faced many challenges with our clients, so you can rest assured that, even if avoiding the problem is not possible, Autumn Consulting can fix a broken marketing program in the following ways:

  • conduct a complementary evaluation (examine all aspects of the program)
  • develop specific recommendations for improvement, including tactics and budgets
  • propose a do-able plan for resetting and improving the marketing program

So, if you’d like to avoid the pain and repair of a broken marketing program, contact Autumn Consulting for an up front, complementary consultation.  On the other hand, if you’re in the midst of a broken program, choose our Milwaukee marketing agency to come alongside you with a specific and practical recovery program to put your marketing program back on track.

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