Chicago Businesses Have Found Their Search Marketing Agency

Search marketing has changed quite a bit in the last 15 years for businesses in the Chicago area, but what it means to deliver effective SEO has not. As an experienced web marketing team in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, Autumn Consulting has always been a proponent of helping our clients identify a clear and concise marketing message that is helpful, regularly updated, and that speaks to the audience of our clients.

Google is an invaluable tool for any search marketing team at any business and any industry – whether you are in a high-competition environment in Chicago or elsewhere. What we’ve found over the years is that no matter the trends in topics, language, and social media marketing, Google is always looking for the same thing: relative, popular, and solution-oriented content. Incidentally, so is your customer base.

Our Chicago clients want to know: how can my organization be more mindful of search marketing initiatives in 2015?

Make Your Marketing Message a Part of Company Culture

Web marketing clients in the Chicago and Milwaukee often want to know how to encourage their entire staff and team to be marketing minded. One more innovative way to do this is to encourage internal social media campaigns to develop a team mindset and to unify your purpose as an organization. Use pictures to help your staff relate to what it is that your company means to them – and what they think it should mean to your customers.

How does this translate to sales? For many of our web marketing clients, the sales and customer service teams is your front line – often, the concerns of your customer network are voiced through them and the response they give is much more powerful if it is powerful, unified and consistent.

Our goal as a B2B full service marketing firm, is to gather insights both internally and externally. Then, use these insights to inform a refined marketing message and use that to get right language on your website, in your social media, etc.

Develop a Marketing-minded Team

At Autumn, we work with your team and can develop sales tools that allow them to understand more fully the marketing message and how it can help encourage a sale to happen. As a B2B full service marketing firm, we can deliver the following services:

  • Generating input from prospects in the field
  • Analyzing customer insights
  • Writing scripts
  • Training
  • Qualifying leads/prospects

Be Customer-focused

Using the right insights, our b2b full service marketing firm can help your business ensure that the information your customers are looking for are available to them. When they know your business has what they need, they’ll remember you when they are ready to buy.

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