Brand Consulting Lessons Learned from Moms of Marketing

We love our mothers. They gave us life and can give us inspiration. This time of year, Chicago b2b marketing professionals should remember those women that made us better and this week, we’re honoring those women of the marketing world who inspired our own work in brand consulting in the Chicago area.

What exactly can a b2b full service marketing firm learn from these women? These are women who led dynamic marketing and brand changes at the beginning of the digital marketing era. They’ve utilized the tools all businesses (large and small) are using to re-define their image, their message, and – in some cases – their mission. Every age brings on new challenges for professionals in this field and we’re glad these women have led part of the way.

Selling an Intangible to Reach a Wider Audience

Nancy Smith (VP Global Media Alliances, Development and Social Media Marketing, American Express) learned how to sell an intangible idea through various platforms to help gain the appeal of the masses. Nancy Smith led a “Members Project” campaign designed to suggest to the audience that, by charging your card you can be empowered to bring positive change to the world.

Linda Boff (Executive Director, Global Brand Marketing, General Electric) led a company that is known for their recent attempts at experimenting on multiple marketing platforms. They gave their brand a boost when they started marketing the accessible intangible of what they sell: energy. As a social media trailblazer, Linda and General Electric was of the first large corporations to publish on Vine.

Data is a B2B Marketer’s Friend

Kerry Bianchi (Vice President, Media, E*TRADE Financial Corporation) was very well known for using data-driven, targeted marketing on multiple advertising platforms, Kerry assisted in spurring record growth for the company.



Use Multiple Marketing Platforms

Barbara Basney (Vice President Global Advertising & Media, Xerox) re-imagined Xerox from just paper and documentation services to advocate for business growth in prestigious brands like Michelin, Target, etc. Xerox relied upon their own blog, TV, and print ads to share their new message.


Autumn Consulting makes a habit of learning brand consulting tips from the best and incorporating their experience into a fully customized brand strategy for our Chicago b2b marketing clients. After all, there is not one single answer.

If you are looking to refine your marketing message, increase your lead potential, reshape your brand image – or, if you are not sure where to begin – let’s begin a conversation today. 

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