Living by the Marketing Strategies We Teach

When I first began running, I sought out the advice of runners who live by what they teach. Their advice helped me develop from a novice to an experienced runner because I saw the results they taught.

In the same way, when businesses ask Autumn for advice related to social media marketing, we help our clients succeed because we live out the same strategies we teach.

As with any new sport or skills, getting started can be the most difficult part. So, here’s our three steps to engage with us in social media marketing.

1. Start a Conversation

Autumn Consulting has been providing social media marketing services in Milwaukee and Chicago for over 10 years. Autumn typically works for privately held, b2b marketing businesses in the Milwaukee and Chicago area. We can facilitate a strategic conversation with you so that our team can get a sense for what your business really needs.


2. Work out a Strategy

As with any marketing initiative we facilitate, our team timeline and results are primarily based on the well-defined social media marketing strategy we develop with our Milwaukee or Chicago client (e.g. engagement, brand loyalty, customer service, etc.).

From there, we will work with you to define specific goals/metrics such as increasing number of followers (Facebook), developing a series of end customer “favorites” and “retweets” (Twitter), integrating use of videos in sales presentations (YouTube) or frequency of comments or inquires (Linked In).

2. Let’s Discuss Implementation

For any of our web marketing services delivered in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, our business model is designed to either provide virtual marketing assistance, direct consulting or a hybrid approach.

Follow our latest blog to get an idea for what this might look like.

Talking with our experienced team is the first step, so let us know how we can find social media marketing solutions for your Milwaukee or Chicago-based company.


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