Should Old Acquaintance NOT Be Forgot: 2015 Web Marketing Resolutions

If your business is like 65% of other small businesses, you did not spend December putting together a detailed strategic plan, rife with goals and KPIs. You might have been busy making your final sales of the year, or simply enjoying the holidays with family and friends. Either way, we know that for many of our web marketing clients in Milwaukee and Chicago areas, strategy planning is more a way of life than a scheduled event. We want to know one thing: have you considered what you’d like to accomplish for marketing this year?

 Often, we only consider the sales numbers (and we hope they grow). At Autumn, we like to emphasize that – while sales growth is important – it’s the why and how and who that is most critical to understanding the needs of your business. How will those sales numbers grow? Your marketing activities should be well-informed and well-timed. Who will we sell to and who will be listening? We thrive off of these valuable insights. For our web marketing clients in Milwaukee and Chicago areas, Autumn can help decipher these details with you, and provide the support you need to ensure your business goals are being met this year.

Here are some ideas of web marketing goals to implement this year:

Re-define your marketing message

Streamline your message and create a familiar experience across all sales and customer service channels. Talk to your sales team – find out what works – and broadcast that message to the right audience.

Autumn’s qualified team of writing and communications specialists can help focus that message and give it the extra power to reach your audience. This is what being a B2B full service marketing firm is all about.

Re-design your website

Once you’ve defined your new-and-improved messaging strategy, use your website as a centrally located source (for both your team and your customers) to refer to. Plus, with the help of search engine optimization, your message can reach out to those people on the web who are looking for the right answers to their questions. More people to your website means more people who have your company in mind when it comes time to purchase.

For our clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, their website is a vital asset of their web marketing strategy. It’s the modern storefront and an expanded business card for many small businesses. It should be an accurate representation of you, your business culture, and it should emulate the ideal customer experience.  

Fire up your network with social media marketing

For a B2B full service marketing firm, a blog and social media marketing strategy is simple. You can have a more clear understanding of your sales leads and their needs if you’ve developed a network. And, your network will grow exponentially if your business maintains an active role in the digital world. 

Autumn can quickly familiarize ourselves with and capture the message you want to share with your customer network. We work closely with every one of our clients in the Milwaukee area to customize a social media marketing plan at varying levels of investment and involvement. Contact us to develop a plan for your team.

Get the word out with email marketing

Capture something exciting and intriguing in the subject line, use content that is helpful and that addresses a need, then track that data to shape your marketing message and content.

Autumn’s email marketing tools are designed to get the word out and to also help you easily vet your sales prospects and gather insights about what interests your audience the most. Whether in Milwaukee or Chicago areas, our email marketing solutions often surprise our web marketing clients with how affordable and simple the process can be. Contact our team today to find out more about what email marketing can deliver your company.

Improve web traffic insights and give your sales team an intentional game plan

Speaking of gathering insights… If you find yourself asking who it is you are selling to, where they tend to find you, and how close to a sales decision your customers are – then it is time to begin using web analytics. We’re often told by our web marketing clients in Milwaukee and Chicago that they didn’t know it was possible to know and track this type of data. The fact is, this B2B full service marketing firm makes it easy. 

At Autumn, we use analytics to see who is visiting your site, when they’re visiting your site, how they navigate to your site, and we can monitor trends in site behavior to get a sense for what your visitors like to read best. This, ideally, informs the marketing decisions you make, which can have a direct impact on your bottom line.

For our B2B clients, these are great tools to have available, but these are not a one-size-fits-all selection. We pride ourselves making recommendations that work for your company and we will work with you every step of the way.

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