Brand Consulting in Chicago: How to Better Engage Customers

Building excitement around your brand is one of our favorite things to do as a company because it captures the unique skills of each of our team members. Brand consulting for Chicago clients is a core service at Autumn, because we understand your need to be relevant to your customers while still maintaining your distinct voice. This is just one service offering that makes us a B2B full service marketing firm.

People don’t just buy products or services – they buy experiences. The truth is that brand consulting brings value. And for customers and clients, a polished brand strategy can deliver a unique experience. Whether headquartered in the Milwaukee or Chicago areas, our clients are looking for a b2b full service marketing firm that will not only get the job done, but will deliver their work while being more in-tune with your business goals and industry nuanced expertise.

Several years ago, the Autumn team delivered brand consulting to SIXFIFTY  to help build a brand experience tailored for customers and their specific needs to build engaging websites and brainstorm new and exciting marketing strategies. An eNewsletter was implemented which, along with additional web site improvements, led to a combined online sales increase of 6% in a month. SIXFIFTY experienced positive web marketing results through engaging their customers with new marketing efforts. 

We collaborated with our client, Fabrictech to create more engaging web copy, more effective video marketing, and brand new audience-tailored eNewsletters for increased brand awareness to engage customers. Fabrictech has seen growth in the number of retailers carrying their products and the ability for customers to easily order online and directly from them. 

We’ll be sharing more on the subject of brand consulting in the next several weeks, if you are a Chicago small business and you’re not sure how to get started – stay tuned for more. Our B2B full service marketing firm will have much more to say on the topic. Contact us today and find out how Autumn can help your business grow.

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