Autumn’s Marketing Consulting “Big Hitters” for Chicago

As a web marketing consulting firm for the Milwaukee & Chicago areas, Autumn Consulting is always available for popular services like website design and copywriting. But, like any business, there are the services that are constant and those that ebb and flow with popular trends of the time. We stay relevant for our clients by remaining a B2B full service marketing firm – by always learning more about the industry and about other industries, too.

How can Autumn help your business this year? Among clients in the Chicago area, we’ve sensed a growing interest in these marketing consulting services for 2015:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Web Analytics and Consultation
  4. Mobile Marketing and Paid Search Marketing

Content Marketing

To get the most bang their your web marketing buck, our team develops search-engine-rich text for our Chicago clients – and not through cheap gimmicks, but through thoughtful and helpful content that will keep your audience coming back to your website and to your sales team!

These days, content is not just about text – it is about imagery, too. Our graphic design team can help evoke the technical, emotional, purposeful aspect of your business. This appeals to your audience and is especially important in our increasingly visually competitive Chicago web marketing landscape.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is most effective when it is customized to your brand, when it is distributed in a thoughtful way, and when it regularly features content that people can remained engaged with. Our team uses their content marketing skills to help you shape a consistently engaging message and our graphic designers can make sure it is delivered in a visually appealing way.

We’ve used email marketing for our Chicago web marketing clients to qualify leads for a new market or to test messaging for their audience or to measure engagement by demographic. Let us know how we can use email marketing to give you insights into your customer network.

Web Analytics and Consultation

Web analytics is available for your website or your social media. Any data you can find to track engagement or interest in your brand will help you make knowledgeable decisions about the direction in which your business is headed. At Autumn, we’ve been tracking data for our web marketing clients in Chicago and Milwaukee for over a decade. We know which data points to keep an eye on and what all those numbers might suggest about how your audience is interacting with your brand.

Mobile Marketing and Paid Search Marketing

Mobile marketing is becoming so much more relevant by the day – mostly because consumers aren’t the only ones using their phones and tablets. Our web marketing clients in the Chicago area have remarked that businesses are buying them for their sales staff and their product planners and plant managers. Your potential buyers are doing Google searches during their meetings and on their way to client visits. At Autumn, it’s our job to make sure our clients are at the top of the most relevant lists.

Talk to Autumn today about how you can take advantage of mobile marketing, search engine optimization and paid search advertising. You might be surprised how affordable and simple this effort could be.

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