Use LinkedIn to Grow your Business in Milwaukee, Chicago or Appleton

Social media marketing is becoming one of the best tools a company can use to promote and grow their business. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, the majority of business owners say their companies benefit from the use of social media tools. From these tools, owners can choose to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. But which ones will benefit your company more? A recent poll noted that more business owners are acknowledging the benefits that LinkedIn has brought to their companies.

Businesses who post the same amount of content on LinkedIn as they do on Twitter tend to see more results with LinkedIn. They receive more page-views and click-throughs on LinkedIn.

The benefit of social media marketing through the use of Facebook and Pinterest is that it provides excellent visual support for the presentation of what your business offers to clients. LinkedIn offers several different qualities in addition to visuals.

  • A professional platform you can use to make smart connections with qualified prospects.
  • Allows you to post detailed content describing the qualities of you and your company. 
  • Allows you to promote yourself, your company, and your brand.

Autumn Consulting enjoys the uses of LinkedIn and promotes its use to clients. LinkedIn encompasses the same abilities as Twitter, but it also offers more. It is not shocking the social media marketing strays away from Twitter and more in the direction of less-limited tools such as LinkedIn. Allowing you to view qualified prospects and engage customers makes it a great tool for businesses.

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