Exclusive Predictions for 2014 Marketing Priorities

Lots of things changed for marketers in 2013; new strategies became necessary with the incorporation of novel marketing platforms and consumer needs. Google expanded its reach, visuals became more important, and social media metrics provided crucial data for strategic planning. But what can we expect for 2014 marketing trends?

  1. Content Marketing. Developing new and engaging content for your audience not only inspires brand loyalty but also attracts new, qualified prospects. Whether you get information out through your social media pages, eNewsletters, or company website, fresh content directed towards your specific audience will help your business grow in 2014.
  2. Visual Marketing. The success of sites like Buzzfeed and Pinterest are examples of the huge impact visuals have on an audience. Incorporating images into articles and social media pages will engage your audience more than plain text.
  3. Simple Marketing. Based on marketing trends in 2013, consumers are looking for less detailed, more concise messages. No extra fluff is needed when it comes to communicating the benefits of your products/services. Simply explain how you can better the lives of your prospective clients clearly and succinctly.
  4. Mobile Marketing. Today, the vast majority of people have smart phones. Read that: phones with the ability to access your company’s website. Having a mobile-friendly, responsive website is more important than ever. You may lose prospects if your website is too difficult to navigate on a phone.

Moving into the New Year is a great time look to back at your marketing strategies of the past 12 months. What went well? What needs improvement? After that diagnostic, prepare for the next year. Autumn Consulting is ready to help you plan successful marketing strategies for 2014. Contact us today and make 2014 a great year for your business!

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