How a Winter Outing Turned into a Lesson in Targeted Web Marketing

On a cool winter’s morning, John Howman, President of Allied Consulting Group and I went skeet shooting at Milford Hills near Johnson Creek, Wisconsin. The beautiful morning was a perfect backdrop to aiming our shotguns on the various clay pigeons flying through the air from various angles. When it was over, we swapped stories of what we liked and what we would work on the next time we go shooting.

Beyond the camaraderie that was had, I emptied of a case of shells and knocked numerous clay pigeons out of the air before I realized: there are a number of strategies for successful skeet shooting that apply to effective, targeted, web marketing in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas.

  • Right Equipment. Using the right shotgun and shells, specifically rated for skeet shooting dramatically increases the success of the event. In the same way, Autumn Consulting selects the most effective web site platform, hosting and technologies that enable our customers to hit their customer targets.
  • Follow the Target. Leading the shotgun in front of the clay target while maintaining a similar flight angle, increases the hit rate. When defining the marketing strategy, Autumn helps keeps our client’s focused on the core prospects and customer targets, avoiding the urge to “aim” for multiple targets. Regardless if your market resides in Milwaukee, Chicago, or beyond – your web marketing effectiveness plummets when you aim for too many targets.
  • Regular Feedback. When skeet shooting with a partner, the non-shooter can provide perspective to the shooter, allowing for refinement and increased precision. As a full service b2b marketing firm, Autumn’s collaboration with our clients enables two-way refinement whether its clarifying the marketing message or sharpening the use of a technology widget to increase a web site’s effectiveness.
  • Refine and Improve. Skeet shooting is a process. The effectiveness of target shooting tends to increase throughout the event. Similarly, whether its developing a web site strategy or implementing a social media campaign, regular refinement and measured improvements are key to ensure improved accuracy and effectiveness. Autumn uses a combination of monthly visits, reporting and marketing-driven analytics to continuously improve the web marketing success for our Milwaukee and Chicago area clients.
  • Have Fun. Skeet shooting with someone you enjoy, trust and have fun with makes for a great experience. Whether you’ve smashed a series of clay pigeons in a row or are in a dry streak, having fun helps to make the experience worthwhile. At Autumn we love helping people and enjoying having fun along the way. If you’re ready to have professional marketing experience that is delivered personally and in a relaxed way, you’ll enjoy your time with Autumn Consulting.

Since skeet shooting with John in January, Autumn Consulting has had the pleasure of working with him to redesign and re-launch his company’s web site.

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