Incorporating YouTube into your Video Marketing Efforts

Humans respond to visuals; images are quicker than wording to engage and entice a response from an audience. YouTube has steadily risen to the number one video site on the internet. With that large of an audience, why not reach out to that audience in your marketing efforts? Many businesses have looked to YouTube as another marketing option. One way to use YouTube in your marketing efforts is by creating a Channel for your company.

Creating a channel is the first step. A business could have a channel dedicated to posting videos from your company, whether they be television ads you’ve shot or “Meet the Team” videos embedded on your website, etc. But why should you consider YouTube? There are many reasons. Videos can be used to engage your audience with a more personable touch; they put a face and voice to your business. YouTube overall can help to increase the  awareness of your company and your products/services.

When planning videos for YouTube, the key is creativity. A business can do a lot with a small budget if they have strong, creative ideas. A business should aim to create videos that powerfully represent their brand. There is a lot you can do with videos:

  • Demonstrations. Step-by-step explanations of how products solve problems.
  • Catalogue. Show products and explain how they’re better than competing brands.
  • Q&A. Address customer feedback. More in-depth than a FAQ page on your website and an opportunity to display your expertise.
  • Public Events.  Whether you hold open houses or speak at seminars, capture those events and post the video. Another way to show your expertise and passion.

There are many different ways you can use YouTube to bring a more personal touch to your marketing efforts. Finding the right path for your business, combined with creativity, will bring about the most success for your company’s video marketing.

Through the use of videos, your passion for your business and field of expertise will shine through. Just remember, the attention span of an audience is short, so keep videos short and to the point. Aim for perfection; the video is a representation of your brand and vision, don’t cheat yourself by rushing the process. Strong content and good creative ideas will make the editing process easier. If you are interested in learning more about how video marketing can help your business grow, Contact us today to learn more about Autumn Consulting and Nathan Misirian.

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