Web Marketing Strategy: Posting Strong Content – Part 1

The purpose of the content posted on your company’s website and social media pages is not only to engage your audience but also influence your position in Google search results. Therefore, the quality of your web content is very important. When it comes to Google results, there are several types of content preference to:

  1. Interviews. Look to experts within your field. Reach out to them to request and interview with them. Having the opinions of an expert on your site helps to gain the trust of your audience. Google also notices that you are posting content based on the opinions of an expert in your field. To ensure the best Google results, ensure that you correctly code the interviewee as a co-author in the content.
  2. Lists. Google loves the unique content that lists provide. They’re easy to create and people are drawn to information depicted by lists. It helps to quickly get your information to your audience.
  3. Social Content. You may be primarily posting web content on your website or company blog. That content, however, can and should also be shared on your various social media pages. Update your social media with the new content you’ve created. These additional pages are great and free ways to gain new prospects and display your expertise to a wide audience.
  4. Polls and Surveys. These are the easiest way for people to see and absorb information. According to Jeff Foster, a contributing writer for MarketingProfs.com, “For best results, spend the time to (1) poll/survey 800+ people; (2) display your results visually; (3) publish the results on your site; and (4) then reach out to media outlets with additional information, data, and graphics they can use.” If your business doesn’t have the necessary resources to complete a poll, there are various companies that offer polling services.

A business’ web content, whether it be on a company website or social media page, is a way to impress an audience. Engaging content is key to building a customer base. Ensuring that your website shows up high in Google search results will help you reach more prospects. Using these tips may help you climb higher in search engine results and captivate a larger audience. If you want to start posting better web content, Contact us today to learn more about Autumn Consulting and Nathan Misirian.

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