Leverage Google Algorithms to Help Your Website Rank Through Organic SEO

Organic search marketing is an SEO strategy in which you implement best practices to appear in organic search results. These are search results that naturally appear due to a keyword search and are NOT an ad. Did you know that 70% of clicked search results are organic? This statistic alone is why business owners should care about organic search marketing.

For over 20 years, Nathan Misirian, President of Autumn Consulting, a Google search marketing firm in Chicago, Naples and Charlotte, has been studying Google’s algorithms to help businesses improve their Google search rankings. Algorithms are the formulas that Google uses to index, organize, and rank websites worldwide.

These are the key algorithms to focus on when aiming to grow your website with Organic SEO:

  • Title and Description Tags
  • Integrating Keywords in the Navigation
  • Readable Banner Text
  • Page Headings
  • Fresh Content and Length
  • Multi-phrase keyword hyperlinks

Updating your website to align with these algorithms will help your website meet industry-standard best practices as well, like having an ADA-compliant website. By ensuring your website content meets these algorithms’ requirements, you can help your business show up on desktop and mobile and work toward ranking #1 when people are searching for the product or service that you sell.

Ready to leverage Google search marketing to increase your business’ reach? Contact Autumn today, for the best-rated search marketing Chicago, Naples, and Charlotte.

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