STIR it up: Why Teaming With an Ad Agency Makes Sense

Our Autumn team recently had a chance to swap strategies and build ideas with advertising guru and President/CEO Brian Bennett and his creative team at STIR. One coffee, two waters and an office-tour later, we learned that their company philosophy is a short, one-two-three-punch concept: Create a brand disruption. Make creative noise. Stir things up. This we heard from Executive Creative Director, Partner and sharply dressed, Bill Kresse. The agency’s passion for helping their clients stand apart in their marketplace is obvious and showcased artfully throughout the office. Whether it’s an innovative app , a clever social marketing campaign, or a hair-raising demo video, stirring up a cocktail of unique, clever and show-stopping work is what the STIR team seems to do best.  At the end of the day, we walked away with a notebook full of ideas and a some new thoughts on the added value of working with a creative ad agency.

But the question we couldn’t shake was:

Why would a company NOT consider working with an Ad Agency?

Maybe you got a bad referral? Or maybe your in-house ad team is doing a bang-up job, already? Perhaps you have no clue what ad agencies does or what it could do for you?

Whatever your reason, our conversations with the STIR team actually reinforced lots of excellent sales/marketing best practices and we believe that the benefits of teaming with a creative ad agency are pretty compelling. Consider the following bonuses:

•    Big Ideas. You can get a better grasp of big picture ideas and how they can work for your company’s unique needs and engaging your customers simply by asking a little question like ‘What if…?’

•    Better Branding. Boosting your brand messaging and visual appeal with the help of some pro-wordsmiths that are thinking content and creative earns double marketing points with customers

•    Improved Exposure. Cranking up the volume and creating a disruption in your industry through a a viral ad campaign that stops traffic (literally) is a very good thing

•    Team Power-Playing. Through collaboration, a creative team of ad experts can add perspectives that build your company’s unique value and enhance your existing brand

•    Exponential PR. Heighten your mentions with the added bonus of social media PR (public relations) through innovative tools like video marketing and promotion campaigns that aim to inform and invite your prospects to engage

Autumn Consulting is a Milwaukee web marketing agency that enjoys collaborating with other creative companies like the STIR team. Together we offer an advertising and right web marketing strategy that builds branding, improves search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) for B2B and B2C companies and organizations throughout Wisconsin and Illinois.

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