3 Business Benefits to Rebranding Your Website – How Goodwill Did It!

Some people say a website is like a virtual business card for your business. It informs people about your products or services and provides a way for them to reach you.

While that’s partly true, a website goes beyond mere information-download. It actually creates the ability to win or repel future business simply based on the way it looks and reads. The key to success is simple: How inviting or confusing is your website to navigate? The answer to this question determines if your website is helping or hurting your business.

In the busyness of their day, customers and prospects don’t have time to wade through a complicated or confusing site. Rather than be patient, a slow-moving page that won’t upload or the inability to find a vital piece of information on your site can send them onto a different website fast. A site that’s easier to navigate and use.

From Good to Great

We recently had the opportunity to work with the People Team (the Human Resources arm of Goodwill NCW), in helping them build a more streamlined, easy to navigate and powerful website/tool.

From the beginning stages, our Milwaukee web marketing agency teamed up collaboratively to improve various pieces of the site and create a powerful revamp of an already good idea.

Having assessed that their website was fully functioning, but lacked the punch needed for qualifying prospects and engaging customers, we helped them improve the overall viewer experience. Here are some benefits they’re experiencing right off the bat:

Culture Communication.  As a result of revamping their website, the People Team can now communicate aspects of their unique culture to interested prospects confidently and clearly. We helped them rewrite all of their content to ensure that there is a consistent and engaging voice throughout that’s tailored for the web.

Functionality Upgrade.  A key part of the new Goodwork site is the Job Openings section, where applicants can search for work by topic or area. This process was a difficult, manual task performed on a static site. In creating the new site, we’ve streamlined this process by creating a real-time, easy to update online web infrastructure covering 23 locations throughout Northern Wisconsin.

Custom Banners.  To help viewers understand the passion and joy that Goodwill team members experience daily, we helped create custom-banners that showcase real members of the Goodwill family instead of stock photos. This create a unique experience for viewers to see the Goodwill teams working in their stores, serving their local communities and participating in dynamic programs by Goodwill.

Each organization believes that it’s different, but what we’ve experienced in our journey with the People team is that they truly live out that difference every day. What they now have is a new career site that visually demonstrates the passion of their People team to prospects and applicants.

Build Your Website = Build Your Business

Wondering if your website is clear/concise or complicated/confusing? Knowing the difference is key to choosing the best strategy. Our diverse team of passionate marketing professionals, online writers, web designers and programming specialists can all help create a revamped site for your business using eMarketing strategies grounded in sound marketing principles.

To learn more about our past work, check out this Autumn Consulting case study: From Pinto to Cadillac: How to Rebrand a Successful Business Website

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