How Autumn Addresses Different SEO Challenges

Autumn Consulting, a Google search marketing firm, helps businesses evolve their messaging and create WOW moments through full spectrum strategy, from PPC ads for B2B to organic SEO for non-profits.

What to Expect When You Engage Autumn

When you book your consultation with Autumn Consulting, you’ll get an interactive experience that will allow you better understand how Autumn Consulting can improve your website’s search engine rankings. Nathan Misirian, President of Autumn Consulting, will walk you through an initial but thorough assessment of your website.

Dedicated Preparation

Before the meeting, Nathan and the Autumn Consulting team will comb through your current site to give you the most accurate and helpful assessment during your initial call. For example, Nathan will walk you through the existing code on your homepage and delineate areas for improvement, from a missing description tag to suggestions for your title tag. This will help you understand how Google may be demoting your site.

Competitive Analysis

Yes, even in your first call, Autumn Consulting comes prepared with a competitive analysis that is specific to your industry and that hones in on your real competitors. We will explain the nuance between default marketing messaging versus SEO-supporting copy. Keep in mind website copy should accurately represent your product or service while also being aligned with the consumer journey. This is part of why organic search marketing keywords are so important.

Transparent Disclosure

We will bring actual SEO problems on your site to the table to troubleshoot and discuss. Nathan does not believe in gatekeeping information nor in sugar-coating. Autumn Consulting’s priority is fostering trust from our clients in our long-standing knowledge and abilities to improve their organic search rankings and overall brand strategy. We will always be honest about what you should prioritize and manage expectations to enable a successful partnership.

“I was just blown away by just the things Nathan shared and [his] willingness to share them,” Trey Griggs of BETA Consulting Group shared about his first meeting with Autumn Consulting.

What to Expect in the First Six Months With an SEO Agency

In the first six months of a new partnership, we immediately establish a monthly reporting and meeting cadence to share results and opportunities for growth as transparently as possible with our clients.

“We care that your business is growing with the right leads. If it doesn’t, we know how to recalibrate our strategy to align with Google’s core algorithms in the next 30 days because that’s our sweet spot,” Nathan stated in a client consultation.

Generally, we’ll begin by targeting 10 to 12 phrases at a time. We can get at least three of those phrases to page one in the first 90 days. These quality results are attributable to Nathan’s 20+ years of experience studying Google’s algorithms and the deliberate nature of Autumn Consulting’s process. We build solid organic search marketing foundations for our clients before ever encouraging them to invest money in paid search or ads.

Lastly, you will continue to work with Nathan himself, supported by the Autumn Consulting team, throughout your partnership.

“​​In the 20 years since I started this business, I have found that most of my competitors keep it close to the vest and have junior people doing [the work]. I’d rather be your lead, show you what we are doing, build trust, and watch you improve results.” — Nathan Misirian, President, Autumn Consulting.

If you’re ready to gain a knowledgeable partner and start actioning your Google search marketing strategy, contact us.

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