3 Ways to Streamline Your Business through a Cloud-Based Web Portal

Staying connected matters.  Especially in business.  Leaders know that not being able to send an important email or access a crucial company document can cause anxiety when its needed for a time-sensitive, business decision.  As a web marketing agency in Milwaukee, Autumn Consulting understands the need for speed and convenience.  That’s why we’re always asking: How can this tool/service save our clients more money, create a more efficient process and provide better results?

Our Autumn team took this idea to work when designing the new cloud-based Web Portal system for our client, DUECO.  As a final-stage manufacturer that sells and services utility vehicles like bucket trucks, the DUECO staff work in a fast-paced environment, relying on hourly updates and looking for better ways to stay connected throughout the day within various regions of the states.

Unlike a public website, the Web Portal that we developed is being used exclusively for the internal marketing/sales staff as a way to share documents throughout different regions, across company departments and within specific teams. The advantages of this system are  many.  Here are some highlights.

Advantages of a Web-Based Portal System

This seamless system lets anyone from CEOs to sales team managers share documents with staff directly and securely—it’s even more secure than email. With this tailored system, you can keep all salespeople in your region and employees in your division on the same page and moving forward.

Better ways for qualifying prospects and engaging customers also exist, like adapting your Web Portal for an exclusive Customer Log-In that provides access to important information.

If you’re interested in boosting productivity and taking your business to the next level, our web marketing Milwaukee staff would like to walk you through the steps. More than a group of individuals, we’re a team of web marketing Milwaukee specialists passionate about helping our clients succeed at qualifying prospects, engaging customers through marketing and clarifying messages.

We understand your need for speed and convenience and can provide a stronger marketing strategy. Contact us today to see the difference Autumn Consulting provides.

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