Understanding Google’s Impact on Social Media

Search engine optimization is an ever-changing consideration, and affects everything a business publishes online — including social media. However, researching the implications of social media and SEO is not always easy in light of an ever-changing algorithm. We asked Autumn Consulting’s President, Nathan Misirian, to provide key details about Google search indexing, social media posting, and its overall SEO value. Following his detailed analysis of a 170+ white paper provided by Google, he has identified several essential insights regarding how social media impacts Google search results.

An Insider’s Look Into Google’s Social Media Algorithms

Google indexes social media to help educate its AI Learning Engine. Google needs to “understand” the context of certain words and phrases, and as social media is a live platform, it’s the perfect opportunity to increase your SEO presence. Many social media platforms are indexed by Google, including:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest

Did you know you can apply Google strategies to increase organic ranking with social media posts? You must also ask informed questions from the perspective of Google’s algorithm. The following are some time tested strategies that can help you do just that:

  1. What are users searching?
  2. Are you on topic?
  3. Are you an authority?
  4. Are you engaging?

Google places significant weight on writing and producing quality content — and prioritizes content written for readers much more than keywords stuffed in an article. Autumn recommends choosing the right audience for your target channel, such as LinkedIn for business audiences or Facebook for retail audiences. Next, look for avenues to engage people searching for your brand with tools that are visually connected to your content. You may want to use alt tags to increase your Google ranking. Since Google tracks the actual file name of each picture and video, you’ll want to use a keyword-rich file name for any picture or video added.

It’s important to focus on quality content that focuses on authenticity above all else. Be sure to put plenty of focus into your work, and include originality and skill within your posts. If you’re not sure where to start, lean on a keyword tool, or turn to a qualified search engine specialist or a Google Search marketing firm for help.

Leverage Social Media for a Higher Google Ranking

Autumn Consulting is a Google search marketing firm that goes far beyond the basics. Today, we continue to be the most relevant or leading firm on Google’s algorithm, impacting businesses and organizations in Florida and beyond. We command an impeccable knowledge of Google’s ever-changing algorithms, and strive to help our clients rank high on Google without having to rely on paid ads. Headed by best rated search marketing expert Nathan Misirian, it is our goal and mission to deliver WOW moments to clients — including their experience with social media SEO.

To learn more about Autumn Consulting and our experience with Google search marketing, please get in touch with our team as soon as possible. We look forward to walking you through each step of our process and providing an insider’s look into Google’s impact on social media.

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