Autumn Consulting’s Unique Organic Search Marketing Strategy

By leveraging Google search marketing, you can reach and attract prospective customers who want to buy your business’s products or services, but don’t know your brand’s name….yet. Users are searching because they’re actively trying to solve a problem. So, when Autumn Consulting, a Google search marketing firm in Chicago, partners with clients, we focus on showcasing your products or services as solutions through content marketing, PPC ads, website improvements, and on-page and advanced SEO.

Assess Your Target Audience

Analyze your current customer base, their psychographics, and business goals. The better you know your target audience, the more likely your organic SEO and personalized marketing strategies are to succeed. In order to help our clients reach their target audiences, we partner with experts like the Drucker Group for the voice of customer research to ​​accelerate digital web marketing for businesses and non-profits.

Target Audience Keyword Brainstorming

  • What would you search for when looking for a like service?
  • What words describe the buyer’s problem?
  • What problems were your existing customers seeking to solve? And why did they choose your services as the best solution?

Conduct Keyword Research

The impact of keyword research in organic search marketing is not to be underestimated for businesses seeking results. Users express the problem that they’re searching to solve in a variety of different ways. For instance, more than half of Google searches include 3 keywords or more. It’s for this reason that the Autumn Consulting team provides its clients with support through keyword discovery, targeting alignment, and more.

Leverage Google’s SEO Tools

Seek to understand what your site is being tested on in order to see SEO ranking gains over time. Autumn Consulting, a best-rated search marketing firm in Chicago, Charlotte, and Naples, specializes in Google search marketing, from the key algorithms to conducting additional research with Google directly through tools like Google Search Console.

A strong SEO strategy in tandem with brand strategy is a must for businesses looking to increase brand awareness and reach prospective customers.

Reach out today to learn what Contact Autumn Consulting, the best-rated Google search marketing firm in Chicago, Naples, and Charlotte can do for your business.

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