Autumn Gives Milwaukee Small Business a Break through SEO

April is the season for accounting meetings and tax payments. While you’re thinking about how to save money and reduce your tax liability, consider Autumn’s cost saving strategies to market your company through Milwaukee b2b marketing search engine optimization.

As Milwaukees full service b2b marketing firm, Autumn can work with you to define the kind of content marketing we can deliver to get the most results for your company. One of the many ways we can accomplish this is through press release marketing. Using contacts in the Milwaukee and Chicago regions, we can ensure your latest press release is shared with the right media outlets to compliment your messaging strategy.

Use SEO to Boost the Search Ranking of Your Press Release

Using SEO in Milwaukee to boost the search ranking of your press releases can be an intimidating task. After all, you don’t want to just throw in keywords in every possible location and take away from your well-honed writing style.

In fact, an article by recommends using each keyword for no more than 2% of your b2b marketing content to keep it from feeling forced. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when providing SEO in a press release for a Milwaukee small business:

  • Determine keywords that attract users to your relevant content and keep these keywords consistent throughout b2b marketing
  • Publish your press release, adding hyperlinks that connect your keywords to your website and social media sites.
  • Ensure your b2b marketing message uses concrete examples for your key terms and illustrate your unique approach to problem solving for customers.

Autumn Consulting is a Milwaukee full service b2b marketing firm with a strong reputation for search engine optimization. We offer our clients individualized SEO packages that will help boost your Google rankings according to your business goals.

Check out our blog on SEO in Chicago and Milwaukee.

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