SEO Optimized Website for ADA Compliance

What is ADA Website Compliance and Why is it Important? Have you ever considered improving your website to be more accessible to those with disabilities? Just as there are ADA standards in the physical world, like handicap accessible bathrooms or wheelchair ramps, there are accessibility guidelines for websites. It’s for this reason that Autumn Consulting […]

7 Ways to Optimize Sites For Google Algorithms

As you look to improve your business’ website SEO, it’s important to understand what your site is being tested on, so that you know where to improve your website. As Google indexes site every month, there are a number of items, a checklist if you will, that the bots will scan your website for. These […]

SEO Strategies for Executives

SEO STRATEGIES FOR EXECUTIVES With 75% of all web searches beginning with Google, whether B2B or B2C type of search, it’s never been more important for business owners to practice organic search marketing and have an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Having an SEO strategy will help keep the content you create intentional and over […]

Why Choose Autumn to Design and Implement Your Marketing Plan

“In a digital-first economy, it makes all the difference to partner with firms whose core competency is digital marketing and advertising”-Nathan Misirian, founder of Autumn Consulting Among marketing, advertising and technology firms, Autumn fuses the best of all three worlds: we bring in the strategy and sophisticated ideas of marketing firms, the creative and amazing […]

Autumn Website Marketing Interview with Intern Delaney Niemeyer

Giving back to the local community is a key value of ours at Autumn Consulting, and it’s a passion of ours to work with the future generation of business leaders to help in their career growth. A key part of this is bringing interns on to the team. Our newest intern, Delaney Niemeyer, joins us […]

Client Spotlight: DSML Executive Search

The team at Autumn Consulting, led by Nathan Misian, has been working with Myriam Le Cannellier and Doug Seville of DSML Executive Search, two business leaders we admire greatly, for two years, as their main SEO and digital marketing strategy and implementation partner. When we were first brought on, our focus was partnering with their […]

Client Spotlight: Symonds Madison Funeral Home

Joy had a vision for a modern and visually appealing web presence for both the existing business, Symonds Madison Funeral Home, based in Elgrin, IL, as well as a new business idea, the soon-to-be Fox Valley Cremation Services, but she lacked the deep technology knowledge or team to help her accomplish it. The biggest new […]

SEO for Real Estate Agents: Using Google My Business to Attract Mobile Buyers and Sellers

At Autumn Consulting, we work with businesses from many industries, and we love the diversity of clients we are blessed to interact with on a daily basis. That being said, there are a few types of clients who happen to be our absolute favorites, and real estate agents definitely top the list. We have a […]

Expanding Your Website To Reach Everyone: Implementing an ADA Compliant Website

Growing and healthy companies continually seek new ways and methods to create awareness and draw potential prospects to their branded website. However, most business and marketing leaders are not familiar with how to make their website ADA Compliant. An ADA Compliant website is a set of guidelines and principles that structure and organize the website […]

How Small Businesses Can Capitalize On Content Marketing

It is important to figure out what marketing trends are here to stay and which will become a fad of the past. Here at Autumn Consulting we pride ourselves on knowing what trends are here to stay. Here are a couple trends impacting small to medium sized businesses: Sharable content and making your content social. […]

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