Smart marketing content. Its in the writing.

What’s the best way to write a heading on my web site or email subject line? Answer: eMarketing and web marketing use many of the same writing strategies as professional journalists. Write your web site headline or email marketing subject line in 50 characters or less, including spacing and special characters. And don’t forget to […]

Content is still "king" with Google's search marketing

With every web site that our team reviews, content and content quality continue to be the number one issue facing Google search marketing.  Autumn Consulting focuses on quality content with a prospect-driven emphasis to deliver organic search marketing results. The purpose of Google’s search result formula is to emphasize the importance of writing the “right” content as […]

Real insights for B2B businesses with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that helps website owners understand their traffic and click-through data. It is a great service, but many companies find it hard to use Google Analytics to create better web content down the line. Autumn Consulting provides its clients with a comprehensive, quarterly Google Analytics report and attaches custom recommendations […]

Is There More to LinkedIn That You're Not Using?

LinkedIn is one of the most impactful tools in the field of Chicago b2b marketing and there are numerous ways to utilize it – both in your personal career and in your business. When we discuss social media marketing strategy with our clients, the first tool they consider is LinkedIn – the professional networking social […]

Why Doesn’t My Business Appear in Google?

It’s a fact that billions of searches are performed in google.com every day. If there are any skeptics of search engine optimization in Milwaukee and Chicago out there, just check out this running counter snapshot showing how essential Google is to people searching for answers. In the U.S. nearly 75% of all searches go through Google. […]

Transform Your Website from "Pinto to Cadillac"

For many of our clients in the Chicago area, their website is their first impression for their b2b marketing audience. So why settle for anything less than special? Our clients pick Autumn Consulting in order to work with a company they can trust and one that can help deliver a premier brand product for an […]

Your B2B Business Plan, Defined By Your Marketing Plan

As a b2b full service marketing firm, Autumn Consulting provides full scale brand consulting for clients in the Chicago area and designs web sites to attract new prospects to the scene. What’s the key to success? A prospect-centric design.  The right design and content immediately shapes a prospect’s perception of your brand/company. With Autumn’s Chicago […]

Visual Marketing Helps Chicago Improve SEO

There’s no denying that visual marketing – that is, using graphics and visuals to express your marketing message – is a great way to market the products or services of your Chicago small business. But have you considered that the graphics and visuals you feature on your website and social media platforms could be leveraged […]

Increase B2B Marketing Leads in Chicago

In order for every business to grow with b2b marketing in Chicago, a business owner must oversee one or more of these three strategies: Deliver unique and quality products or services. Reach new customers Expand business with existing customers. Nearly every company who hires Autumn Consulting asks the same question, “how can marketing grow my […]

Autumn Reveals: How to Fix a Broken Marketing Program

Breaking a leg is never any fun. Yet people can make the best of it by having a positive attitude, colorful castings and notes of best wishes. When I was in college, I broke my leg playing intramural soccer. I performed a slide tackle from the side, which you weren’t supposed to do and snapped […]

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