Brand Consulting Lessons Learned from Moms of Marketing

We love our mothers. They gave us life and can give us inspiration. This time of year, Chicago b2b marketing professionals should remember those women that made us better and this week, we’re honoring those women of the marketing world who inspired our own work in brand consulting in the Chicago area. What exactly can […]

Autumn Gives Milwaukee Small Business a Break through SEO

April is the season for accounting meetings and tax payments. While you’re thinking about how to save money and reduce your tax liability, consider Autumn’s cost saving strategies to market your company through Milwaukee b2b marketing search engine optimization.

Autumn Celebrates Environmental Organizations that Do Social Media Well

Autumn Consulting, a strategic social media agency for the Milwaukee area, is proud to be a sustainable marketing tool for our clients. After all, sustainability means more than being environmentally sound – it means wisely investing in your small business.

How a Winter Outing Turned into a Lesson in Targeted Web Marketing

On a cool winter’s morning, John Howman, President of Allied Consulting Group and I went skeet shooting at Milford Hills near Johnson Creek, Wisconsin. The beautiful morning was a perfect backdrop to aiming our shotguns on the various clay pigeons flying through the air from various angles. When it was over, we swapped stories of what we […]

Boost Your B2B Marketing Chicago in 2015

What could businesses in Chicago be doing this year to boost their B2B marketing potential? At Autumn, we get asked this question a lot. We’re used to seeing our clients busy doing what they do best (manufacturing, sales, consulting, teaching, engineering) and, sometimes, it takes all the creativity out of them. But that’s why they choose to work with the b2b marketing experts at Autumn.

How LinkedIn Can Help Web Marketing for Milwaukee Small Business

Have you created your LinkedIn profile, but you’re not quite sure what to do next? Our web marketing clients in Milwaukee often wrestle with this challenge – mostly because a small business can have limited resources. Our clients sometimes ask – if we could afford to devote a person’s time to updating LinkedIn, what value would we get out of it?

If You’re Not Using These 5 Social Media Marketing Platforms in 2015, You Should Be

Over the last two years, B2B Marketing spending has sky-rocketed and it is because companies are seeing practical benefits of using these platforms in their professional industry. A growing network is a good network and, in this digital age, social media marketing is where it’s at for our clients in the Milwaukee area.

Why Chicago Small Business is Using FourSquare in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, in whatever scale you choose, is a must for Chicago small businesses. In a competitive marketplace, it doesn’t just take a website to get your voice heard. At Autumn, we’re interested in new, creative ways to use the social media platforms that have developed and continue develop as more of the world is getting connected. This week, we’re looking at FourSquare in a new light.

Get Google’s Attention with These Chicago Search Marketing Tips

Believe it or not, a Chicago small business can make strides in their search marketing with a relatively small investment. Autumn has developed web marketing solutions for clients in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas for over a decade and – with that experience – successful search marketing is easily attainable.

Your Chicago Web Design Agency: Ruekert-Mielke

As a b2b full service marketing firm, we have web marketing clients in the Chicago area who request web design projects of all sizes and scale. After all, we’re in the business of developing custom solutions for your company – whether business growth requires a new website from the ground up, a full website overhaul, […]

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