Integrated Web Marketing: How to Build Brand Awareness for Your Business

Building excitement around your brand is one of our favorite things to do as a company because it captures the unique skills of each of our team members.  As a company that understands your need to be relevant to your customers while still maintaining your unique voice, we are brand advocates looking for the best strategies for engaging customers and qualifying prospects.

We recently started an integrated web marketing campaign for SIXFIFTY to promote their exclusive line of 650B bikes and parts.  Brainstorming the unique mountain bike benefits of the 650B wheel size (that’s a 27.5” wheel size that captures the combined features of the 26” and 29” wheels) led us to create more powerful messaging, encouraging people to Join the 650B Movement and experience the best of both wheels.

Tailored Web Marketing

To help promote The 650B Movement message, our teams collaborated to create more engaging web copy, more effective video marketing and a brand new audience-tailored eNewsletter for increased awareness and engaging customers.

The eNewsletter marketing piece includes these integrated web marketing elements:

•    an updated and branded new look and feel with more visual callouts crafted by our designer and based on the brand’s audience segments
•    more tailored and SEO-infused messaging created by our on-staff copywriter, to drive more traffic to the brand’s site and improve sales
•    specialized programming done by our programmer to allow viewer interaction and audience information captures by the company
•    increased hyperlinking throughout the web copy to drive traffic to the brand’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo)
•    helpful callouts (video, photos, promotions) that complement the main copy and provide an additional source of info for readers

Through a great marketing strategy and the passionate people behind the SIXFIFTY brand, this targeted email marketing campaign along with the additional web site improvements led to a combined online sales increase of 6% last month.

To learn more about The 650B Movement, check out their Facebook and Twitter page.

Boost Sales Today

The numbers don’t lie.  SIXFIFTY’s  positive web marketing results reveal that engaging customers through marketing and having an integrated web marketing plan for your business works.

Autumn Consulting is a web marketing Milwaukee agency serving local area businesses and organizations with integrated marketing solutions.  Our team includes a diverse group of marketing professionals who specialize in web marketing, content writing, web design, programming, project management, and sales/business strategy.

If you’re looking for more business marketing and sales strategies from a Milwaukee web marketing consultant you can trust, contact us today to get started.

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