Increase Sales & Website Traffic with Google AdWords: Birkey’s Farm Store

Earlier this year, we posted an article about Birkey’s Farm Store and their amazing success with Google AdWords in only 4 months’ time.

Now, Birkey’s current campaign has succeeded in producing results that rival and surpass their previous success.

Our Autumn Team worked with Birkey’s to create a Google Adwords campaign promoting the sale of quality used combines.  Autumn developed customized Google ads that display in local states, as well as in multiple territories in Canada.  These ads are a combination of textual and display (image) ads.

Success with Google Adwords

The Google ads were a success as Birkey’s combine in-store sales skyrocketed, creating an additional opportunity for engaging customers through marketing.  Here are some additional campaign highlights:

  • Total combine sales increased by 34 units sold compared to last period, resulting in many hundred thousand dollar sales
  • Canadian web site traffic increased from 404 visitors to 920, an increase of over 100%
  • Adword traffic increased by 220 new visitors from Canada.
  • Overall website traffic increased by 6,000 visitors

Birkey’s Farm Store and Autumn Consulting were once again successful in attracting qualified leads to their web site, resulting in the ultimate goal of more combines being sold. Using our prospect-focused approach, Autumn continues to support Birkey’s by attracting qualified prospects and engaging customers with new Adwords campaigns throughout the year.

Want your Adwords campaign to find success like Birkey’s Farm Store in qualifying prospects? Autumn Consulting will work with your business to integrate an effective Adwords campaign into your business’ web marketing strategy.

Boost Sales Today

Autumn Consulting is a web marketing Milwaukee agency serving local area businesses and organizations with integrated marketing solutions.  Our team includes a diverse group of marketing professionals who specialize in web marketing, content writing, web design, programming, project management, and sales/business strategy.

If you’re looking for more business marketing and sales strategies from a Milwaukee web marketing consultant you can trust, contact us today to get started.

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