Why Chicago Small Business is Using FourSquare in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, in whatever scale you choose, is a must for Chicago small businesses. In a competitive marketplace, it doesn’t just take a website to get your voice heard. At Autumn, we’re interested in new, creative ways to use the social media platforms that have developed and continue develop as more of the world is getting connected. This week, we’re looking at FourSquare in a new light.

What is FourSquare?

FourSquare is a social media marketing tool, ideal for Chicago small businesses. It is a GPS-enabled social media platform, which checks people into a location, based on where they travel (for users who are logged in on a mobile device). Small businesses develop a presence on the network and use it to attract consumers to their location.

How Do Users Use the Network?

When a user is logged in to Tri-Par, they will “check-in” to a location, neighborhood, or area. If your business is located nearby, the user will see “tips” that other users leave, makes a “tip” of their own, or they might just decide to stop by. “Tips” can include a review of the business, general advice about what to do, eat or see in the neighborhood OR they might include information about specials and deals for doing business there.

All “check ins” are stored and it shows who checks in there most often, a user can know how many times they have checked in at a store, etc. People get “badges” when they check into places often, check into a variety of places, etc, which creates a sort of internal competition, encouraging users to use it more.

How Can a Chicago Small Business Benefit from FourSquare?

FourSquare is an excellent tool for small business social media marketing in Chicago because all these “check-ins” and “tips” are free publicity for your business. Some companies offer specials after “x” amount of visits. As the business owner, you can publish your own “updates/tips” also. Some publish regular specials and “check-in” specials, which further entice customers to stop by.

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