What to Know About Google’s New Helpful Content Algorithm Update


It is likely that you’ve heard about Google’s new algorithm release, about writing for humans, not algorithms. Algorithm changes are dreaded by nearly every marketer. So, it is our goal to help you make sense of this update and find the right next steps to improve your brand’s organic search strategy.

Nathan Misirian has dedicated the last 20 years to studying Google’s algorithms meticulously in order to help businesses thrive, which has led Autumn Consulting to become the best rated search marketing firm in Naples, Charlotte, and Chicago. We partner with companies across all industries to help develop SEO strategies from the ground up.

Tips for Improving Your Organic SEO for the New Algorithm

Two of Autumn Consulting’s guiding principles are continuous learning and going the extra mile. When faced with an update that might feel disruptive to our clients’ marketing plans, our team always takes it upon themselves to educate themselves in order to better educate our clients.

Our top recommendations based on Google’s blog on the new algorithm include:

  1. Don’t try to produce a lot of new, potentially ‘helpful’ content quickly.
  2. Don’t create content just “for SEO’s sake”.
  3. Do expect it to take several months for Google to index your content, unless you’re working with Autumn.
  4. Do update content in English for primary indexing by Google.
  5. Do design and write content for your reader to inform and answer questions.

How to Prepare for Google’s SEO Algorithm Update

There are a number of steps that you can take to help the new algorithm update work to your website’s advantage.

  • Perform a content audit. New Google algorithms releases are a great time to reassess.
  • Use the digital tools provided by Google. They provide indispensable data which will allow you to understand your site and content’s performance.
  • Take time to set up both Google Analytics and Google Search Console for successful technical SEO.
  • Review your web content strategy often. Content marketing is not a set-it-and-forget-it strategy.
  • Consider partnering with SEO experts, like Autumn Consulting. We collaborate with ad agencies, professional writers, and more to create truly helpful, prospect-centric content and guide our clients to rank on page 1.

We know that for marketers responsible for their business’ websites, the new algorithm release can be intimidating. So, as Google rolls out its latest organic search algorithm change, consider inviting Autumn Consulting, the best rated search marketing firm, to review your digital presence before your site falls in the rankings.

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