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Mogreet: Leading the Way in Mobile and Video Messaging Technology (Case Study)

More than ever before, mobile phone use is impacting the way we live our lives, run our businesses and do our marketing.

According to Google, more mobile devices were purchased last year than laptop and desktop computers combined.  Why is this good news for business owners?  Because engaging customers through marketing has never been so convenient.  Consider the following case study.

Boosting Mobile and Video Messaging

Mogreet is a world leader in text and video messaging and technology, providing brands and marketing companies with Mobile Video Messaging distribution platforms.

The big news is that they recently released the API developer portal, a process which allows customers to utilize MMS, SMS, and in-app messaging in their applications. The result?  Because Mogreet has made this process so easy and efficient, clients like Meme Bro and Mr. Checkpoint can better service their clients by unlocking their mobile phones and qualifying prospects for their services.

The best part is that Mogreet’s technology makes it easier than ever before for users to reach customers through mobile phones.  According to Google, mobile search growth has quintupled in the past two years, meaning that more and more, people are turning to their mobile phones to perform online tasks/work.

Whether it’s real time text alerts or simple mobile video, Mogreet’s work is revolutionizing the mobile phone industry.  Melissa Patterson, mobile manager at Cox Media Group states, “The ubiquity of MMS makes it one of the best ways to reach a wide audience.”

Success for Business

Meme Bro is an internet Meme Generator that functions off of text messages.  By texting Meme Bro, you can create an Internet meme in seconds.

The beauty of it is that it’s simple and easy to do.  By following Meme Bro’s set form, you can put your text on one of their databases pictures and quickly have that image sent to your mobile phone.  The best part?  This was all made possible through Mogreet’s MMS support.

Mr. Checkpoint, an online company that alerts its subscribers of DUI checkpoints, has greatly benefitted from Mogreet’s API developer portal.  Founder Sennett Devermont says, “In my first two months using Mogreet Small Business, I was able to increase my mobile presence and double the database I spend five months building.”

Mogreet’s technology has transformed many businesses and has changed the face of the mobile phone industry.  They’ve done this by taking advantage of the omnipresence of the mobile phone, using it as a successful marketing tool and extending it to a variety of their clients.

Growing Your Business

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