New Ways to Engage Customers with Google+

Google+ is a fun social media marketing tool that can help promote your business and engage customers. In addition to functioning as a website to connect and network, Google+ also has video chat capabilities, called “hang-outs,” where as many as 10 people can video chat together. This month, Google released a guide to helping businesses get started on Google+. This guide contains some exciting new features for businesses that allow integration between Google+ pages and other Google marketing services.

Your business may already be using Google marketing services such as paid ads, but also having a Google+ page allows a business to integrate and display the recommendations they receive from qualified prospects. When prospects use the “+1” feature on Google search to recommend an ad to their followers on Google+, a log of prospect recommendations can be enabled to display on a business’ Google+ page.

Google+ can now also be integrated within a Google Adwords campaign so that prospects can recommend your business on the ads themselves and those recommendations (+1’s) will display with your ad on the Google search network. 

Ready to get started with Google+? Our team of social media experts can help create a web marketing strategy, including Google+, that’s effective and right for your business. Contact us today to get started!


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