Content Writing & Marketing for Your Business: 10 Tips to Create Engaging Blog Posts (Part 2)

By now you’ve likely heard facts about the power that content marketing creates in propelling a business toward its intended audience.  In case you haven’t, here are a few key stats:

According to studies conducted by the Content Marketing Institute:

•    From 2010 to 2011, blogs have seen a 27 percent increase in use by marketers.

•    Compared to last year, marketers say their confidence in using blogs as an effective marketing tactic has increased by 45 percent.

•    On average, 60 percent of respondents say they plan on increasing content marketing budgets in the next 12 months.

Have you also noticed that when it comes to blogging, people either make it out to be the easiest or the hardest thing to do?  As a business owner, it might seem like just another thing to add to your ever-growing list of things to do and items to manage.

In Part 1 of this content writing series, we looked at the need to write.  This post is all about practical application.  With our help through the following tips, you’ll more easily create a steady stream of marketing content available to replenish your site and help move your web site up in search engines.  Here are Autumn’s Top 10 Tips to Create Engaging Blog Posts:

1.    WRITE an engaging headline that hooks readers.

2.    BUILD in a conversational/educational tone that encourages two-way communication with your audience.

3.    PROMOTE opportunities for engaging customers by beginning each post with a powerful opening/lead (quote, startling fact, anecdote, etc.).

4.    CREATE greater visual structure for the reader through the use of subheads and links that draw attention to keyword links and encourage clicks.

5.    PROVIDE visuals/graphics/images that will add more pop for the reader.  These also help break up the copy and encourage sharing (i.e., Liking, Tweeting, Pinning, etc.)

6.    INTEGRATE industry keywords and phrases that help keep you at a competitive edge with similar businesses and with clarifying messages.

7.    ADD more short and punchy sentences that can help add rhythm to your writing and distinguish it from a straight news story into a more interesting lifestyle or trends story.

8.    PREPARE tweets that feature the best takeaways or most quotable parts of your post in 140 characters or less—each Tweet should include a link to the post and tailored hashtag(s).  This is a great opportunity for engaging customers through marketing.

9.    LINK to websites for other companies, businesses, sources mentioned in the article.  This helps promote outer-linking and likewise helps you move up in search engine rankings.

10.  PLUG in supplemental facts that relate to your topic and draw in qualifying prospects who want to read it.

At Autumn Consulting, we are passionate about helping you grow your business through tailored content writing.  As a web marketing Milwaukee agency that serves diverse local area businesses and organizations with integrated marketing solutions, we are seasoned in consulting companies on best practice eMarketing methodsOur team includes a diverse group of marketing professionals who specialize in web marketing, content writing, web design, programming, project management, and sales/business strategy.

If you’re looking for more business marketing strategies and content marketing tips from a Milwaukee web marketing consultant you can trust, contact us today to get started.

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